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Your credit history is of vital importance in this day and time. Few people can pay cash for a new home or even a new car today. Even if you can your credit history is still checked when you go to get a new cell phone, purchase insurance for that new home or car and even when you apply for employement with some employers.

A credit history is established about you with the three major credit reporting agencies when creditors that you have done business with report your credit activity with them to these 3 credit bureaus.

If you have never purchased anything on credit and you check your credit history you will probably find that your Fico® scores are zero.

You might think that a zero score is good because it means you have no bad credit, however, it also means you have not established any good credit.

To potential creditors it means that you have nothing to show that you have a good track record at paying back your debt. So, you are still an unknown risk.

Credit Report

So, before you get ready to apply for a mortgage to purchase that new home it is best to establish a good credit history which will give you acceptable creditworthiness with which to get approval.

Check your credit history so you can know where you stand today and what you need to do in the future to build a strong credit history.

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