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How Healthy Are Your Credit Scores?

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Why would you want to check your Fico® score? Well perhaps you have been declined a loan recently. Or, perhaps you are about to apply for a new job. Yes, many employers check a prospective employers credit now days.

Insurance companies also check your credit before allowing you to purchase insurance on a home or car. Often they will not insure you or if they do they will require a much higher premium.

Whatever your reason you need to make sure that everything on your credit report is correct.

There are three main credit reporting agencies. They are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

All creditors do not always report to all three of the credit bureaus. They may just report to one of the agencies. Therefore, if you review a copy of your credit report from one of the credit reporting agencies you may miss some critical items that have been reported to the credit bureaus concerning your credit history.

Therefore, it is best if you get what is called a tri-merge credit report, which is a combined report containing your credit history from all three credit bureaus.

Obtain Credit Report

If you have been turned down for credit because of your Fico® scores, It is important that you do not just assume that you cannot do anything about a poor credit rating. You can improve your situation.

First you must obtain a copy of your credit report and check credit score; it will help to know exactly what your current Fico® scores are also.

First check everything for accuracy. Make sure that all your personal information is correct. This will not have any impact on your Fico® scores but it still needs to be accurate.

Then look at all the credit items and make sure that they belong to you. If you have a common name or are a Jr. or Sr. then you are likely to find errors in this area.










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