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Make Small Changes In Your Spending And Save Big Dollars
Posted: June 15, 2012

When you begin to understand what impact small savings can have on your personal finances then managing your money becomes easier.  If you want to increase your financial security then consider implementing these small changes.

Start by saving all that change that you don't want to carry around in your pockets all the time.  Instead of just tossing it on a table to later been spent on unnecessary things, get a jar or piggy bank and label it with something special that you are saving for like Christmas presents.  You will be surprised how much money you have at the end of the year with which to buy those Christmas presents.

If your city has a good water supply then rediscover the thirst quenching qualities of water from the faucet versus spending money on bottled water.  Staying with water try drinking water with your lunch rather than expensive tea or soda.  You will be amazed at how much you can save by not buying a drink at the restaurant with every meal.

Try one meat-free day per week.  You don't have to become a vegetarian but reducing the meat you eat can mean a sizable savings to your grocery budget.  You can create a satisfying day of meatless meals by using fresh vegetables, eggs, pasta or rice.  You may also find that you can spend a little less time in the kitchen.

With the rising price of gas you can save money at the pump by planning your errands.  Rather than making a trip because you want to just get that task off your list let it wait until you can handle it to or from another trip you have to make.  Perhaps your task is something you can handle online and not even have to leave the house at all.  It is hard to break old habits but try to take a moment and think about how you can handle your bill paying, shopping, etc. in a more modern or little different way that will save you money in gas or even postage.

Stop paying for things that you can do yourself.  Pay yourself instead.  For instance, rather than paying a hefty grooming fee for your dog either do it yourself at home or at one of the pet stores that offers a self-service dog washing station.

When shopping for a new outfit consider selecting one that is wash and wear so you can save money  on dry cleaning.  If you consider the cost of dry cleaning over the life of a garment then you can see how significant your savings will be.

When making large purchases like a car or home shop around for the best interest rate.  Just a small saving of even a half point can save you a lot of money over the life of the loan.

Make all the payments on your debt on time.  Not only will you be saving a bunch on late fees you will be protecting your credit score which will allow you to get that good interest rate on any future purchases you make in the future.

Don't be so impatient that you have to have something right that very moment.  Learn to wait for the item to go on sale or at least go online and search out a money saving coupon before you buy.

Paying attention and taking control of where your money is going can lead to better choices in all aspects of your life.  You don't have to make all these changes at one time.  Don't get overwhelmed. Take just one of these ideas and implement it in your life and then when that becomes a habit or just part of the way you handle that aspect of your money then focus on implementing another money saving item.

Before you know it good money management will just be second nature to you.

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