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Question: How Do I Find My Credit Score On My Credit Report

The answer to this question depends on where you obtained a copy of your credit report.

If you used the website at that the government provides which allows you to get a copy of your credit report once a year for free, then you will not have been provided your credit scores.

If you purchased your report from one of the three major reporting agencies or any other company either online or offline that provides reports of your credit history then you may have just one of your credit scores or you may have all three.

Three Main Credit Reporting Agencies

There are three main credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus) which are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.  Each company has their own credit history file about you and their own algorithm for calculating your credit score with them.
So, you actually have three credit scores that are important to your financial future. These scores will vary because each bureau may have different information in their file that is used to feed their algorithm and their algorithm itself is different.  Why is this you say.

Well, all of your creditors may not report your credit history with them to all three of the credit reporting agencies.  For example, a car dealership may only report to say Experian, while a local furniture store may only report to Equifax.  Yet, your mortgage company reports details about your mortgage and payment history to all three.

What Does Your Credit Score Mean

Your credit score is meant to indicate to new creditors how creditable or creditworthy you are.  In other words, how likely are you to repay any new debt extended to you.  The different bureaus in their calculations apply different weights to different activities of your credit history because they feel that the way they calculate your score is a better indicator of how ethical and creditable you are.  This is why your scores will vary from the three major reporting agencies.

Many new creditors only look at your score from one of these reporting agencies.  For instance, when you go to buy that new car they may only check your credit rating with TransUnion because this is the only bureau that they have set up to do business with.  However, if you apply for a mortgage loan then they will check all three of your scores and usually base their decision on your middle score of the three.

But, How Do I Find My Credit Score On My Credit Report

So, back to your question of how do I find my credit score on my credit report.  If you have gotten what is called a tri-merge credit report from any sources other than the government free site then you will find all three of your scores usually at the top of the first page of the report.  Some companies will show them on the last page of the report.  They are normally in bold, sometimes in boxes but usually clearly stand out.

If you did not get a tri-merge report and you only retrieved your data from just one of the credit reporting agencies then you will only fine the score you have with that bureau.  But, still it will usually be clearly set out on the first or last page of the report.

Your scores will be in the range of 300 to 900 unless they are zero.  If you have no previous credit history then it is possible that you will have a zero score.









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